Flux provides libraries for a variety of languages and platforms. All of the libraries are written native to their respective languages. All traffic is end-to-end encrypted.

Keep in mind that FluxAuth is not a security service, it is an authentication service. You should still take the necessary precautions to secure your application.

General Information

Most of the functions will throw an exception if they fail. You should always wrap your code in a try/catch block to handle these exceptions.

Some of the exceptions that may be thrown are:

  • uninitialized: Flux instance has not been initialized with an Application ID.
  • field not found: The specified field was not found in the authentication response.
  • unknown error: An unknown error occurred during the authentication process.
  • error retrieving variable: An error occurred while retrieving the value of the specified variable.
  • error downloading variable: An error occurred while downloading the specified variable as a file.

Authentication Exceptions

  • invalid: The license key is invalid.
  • expired: The license key has expired.
  • revoked: The license key has been revoked.
  • hwid: The HWID is on cooldown or needs to be manually reset depending on the application’s settings.
  • missingHwid: The application has HWID authentication but it is missing from the request.
  • billingIssue: There was a billing issue with the application owner’s account.